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Contact us via our form or call (774)930-1359 for immediate response.

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    What we’re looking for

    Do you have books, CD’s, blank VHS or cassette tapes that you no longer need or want? We are interested in collecting them as we are aiming to collect then donate over one million books back into the community by the end of 2018. This a great option for those who are moving, Clearing out contents of an estate, Closing a store, Or just have books or media that you no longer want.

    What we pay?

    We mainly rely on donations but also have a small budget that we operate with to purchase specific books for programs that we donate to.

    How It Works

    If you have a few dozen books or more, We will come to you. Simply call or email us to schedule a pickup. We prefer books with no dust, Mold, Brown or torn pages and that are no older than 12 years old (Excluding children books).


    Donate Media, CD’s & more

    We also accept donations of CD’s, Blank VHS and cassette tapes. If you have audio books and any other forms of blank media, We want to talk to you!

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    Donate your books

    Do you have books that you no longer need or want? We collect then donate books to local shelters, Youth programs, Nursing homes, Veterans, Day cares and many others. If you have books, We want to talk to you!

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    Donate Textbooks

    Can’t sell your textbooks back?  We collect then donate textbooks to students with no or limited resources to purchase on their own. We have a small budget that we work with to help students in need.

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    If you have a few dozen books or more, We can come to you.

    Contact us via our form or call (774)930-1359 to schedule a pickup.

    Free Pickup

    If you would like to donate your books, Please contact us via the form below or by calling us at (774)930-1359 for an immediate response.

    Generally at this time we are unable to accept encyclopedias. Time/Life series, Reader’s Digest books, National Geographic books, American Heritage, International versions of textbooks, Advance reader’s copies, Or book club edition book.

    Books must be in reasonable condition. Preferably no more than 12 years old, highlighting and markings are not ideal but we may accept them if the rest of the book is intact. Examples of books we do not accept are books with loose spines, Mold or mildew, Missing pages, Browning of pages or that have water damage.

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