Donate Books in RI & MA

Donate Books in RI & MA
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D o you have books that you no longer need? or textbooks that you couldn’t sell back? We collect then donate books to Shelters, Veterans, Nursing homes, Day cares, Students and others in need of books. Our goal is to collect then donate over 1 million books by the end of 2018.

We are also seeking to work with local libraries who may need or want to clear out space. The benefit of donating is that we will come to you and pick up the items for free as long as there are a few dozen books available. This way we could maximize our resources while conserving both fuel and time. If you have less, We may still be able to arrange for pick up but only if or when we are in a nearby city or town.

Whether you’re donating to help others or just to free some space, We will come to you. Simply call (774)930-1359 or email info@themillionbookproject.com to schedule a pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Books must be in reasonable condition. Preferably no more than 12 years old (excluding children books), highlighting and markings are not ideal but we may accept them if the rest of the book is intact. Examples of books that we cannot take are books with loose spines, Mold or mildew, Missing page, Browning of pages or that have water damage.

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Reference
  • Educational
  • Health and wellness
  • Children’s books
  • Cook books
  • Music & Art
  • Spanish & all other languages accepted.

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